Weather tracking around the globe is a great hobby and useful tool when traveling. Included within this page is a list of weather sites that track storms and great weather forecasting. If you are taking a cruise or flying to a destination that you need to know the weather forecast, or you are just a weather enthusiast you will enjoy these weather sites.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms Watch


This site is in real time


Satellite Navy

Military storm satellite


Weather and News


When you want to see and view the weather around the United States this is a great website with a very active blog and information site about all types of weather located in the United States and Abroad



NOAA is the United States bureau of weather information. Here you can keep up with the latest weather updates 


Weather Channel

 The weather channel is known around the world from their televised broadcasts you can locate your local or abroad weather by your zip code or city



 The BBC covers the United Kingdom as well as the Central Europe



Australia Elders



 When you need to find out how the Land Down Under is fairing and what to expect when you arrive Elders weather is the place to check out.


Pacific Weather 

The Pacific Rim


 The Pacific in her largeness has many islands that you may be traveling to. If you have friends or family living in the pacific you will want to visit this site to see what is happening in the weather.




As the weather and the news circles the Middle East, USA Today features an entire web page dedicated to the Middle East 



African weather


 One of the largest continents in the world, African weather influences majority of the Tropical storms throughout the world. 


 India weather


One of the fastest growing industrial countries of the world, one of the most beautiful to see India, check out the weather forecast for this spectacular country. 

 Asia the Land of the Orient

Asian weather


 The Orient has become the center of the travel world. Check out the weather for the Asian country you will be traveling. Update and clear information is needed when you are finalizing your travel. 





Just like the name "Intellicast" implies, this weather site  works from gathered intelligence from around the world.


 World Weather


 The world of weather from the WMO, the most complete meteorological information available.