You can know what to prepare for before the

 Disaster Strikes

You need to KNOW

What the difference is between…..

  • Tropical Watch and Warning 
  • Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane 
  • Tornado Watch and Warning 


  • Disaster relief supply kit 
  • Guide to your personal needs 
  • The suggested Government Disaster Supply check list 

Simply put, it is up to you to know how to prepare for any disaster. At the time of this writing, there are numerous counties in the midwest that are under water. In a few short weeks the Gulf States and the lower East Coast as well as the West Coast will be in the tropical Storm Season.

Are you ready?

Ask yourself this question: ARE YOU READY? It is not meant to alarm you but to make you aware that you and your home need to be prepared.

You can download a free Master your Disaster book here. This e-book  is an informative guide to preparing your family, home and business plan ahead of time.

These are a few of the things that are within the pages of Master your Disaster:

  • What does it mean when the news says "we are under a tornado watch" or "we are under a tornado warning"? Know what to do when you have learned the difference between storm warnings. 
  • How to set a plan in place before the storm. Just like a fire alarm drill at school teaches your children what to do in case of a fire at school, you need to train you and your home how to respond in an emergency. 
  • Know what to take when evacuation orders come for your area. Plan ahead with items in place, easily made ready for evacuation. 
  • Be prepared with a list. A list of personal and priority items that you will need to have during and after the storm. 
  • Know how to prepare for a storm with your personal property. The steps are critical when you are limited on time. 
  • When it comes to water damage, it doesn't stop at the building damage, but will destroy the items that you care for and love. There are several steps you can take to protect those items.
  • Jumbo vacuum bags that seal out air, as well as using food vacumm sealers to protect important papers.

This is the information that will assist you in making clear and decisive choices about your safety and the preservation of the your precious and important documents. Being prepared for possible storm-damaging weather will keep you from being at the mercy of stores that are overwhelmed during a crisis. The stores are trying to stock shelves and provide the neccesary items that are needed in great bulk.

Most people can be herad saying in the long lines of the stores during a crisis, "Why didn't they have this planned better? Didn't they know this chaos always happens and people needed this stuff before the the storm season arrived?" Good question, right? Wrong! The question is why didn't you have yourself prepared?

We are providing a free e-book on Mastering your Disaster, you can get it here. Here are comments from a few people who have read Mastering your Disaster....