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When you live in an area all of your life, you "think" you know all that you need to know and do to prepare for a Hurricane. In 2005, the City of New Orleans, and the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, after Katrina and Rita, additionally with South Florida experiencing Wilma after she sucked up Alpha, (named Alpha as the year had more storms than named), proved that the failure to plan  most likely caused a permanent change in the communities, families and lives that lived within  and without the area.

In 2004, Central Florida, after an onslaught of FOUR consecutive storms that pummeled the Central corridor of Florida over a 10-week period, learned what it was like to live without power for over month, and how to survive with no clean water.

In 2008, Tropical Cyclone Fay -- longer in duration than anyone could believe -- held steady in her place over the area, bringing more water to the East Coast and inland areas of Central Florida than the state could handle.

Each storm resulted in hundreds homeless and more with no supplies to survive! Reading blogs of the stories of the survivors and those of critics who claim that "when you live in a place that has storms... etc," no place on earth is without a natural weather or geographical disaster.

The difference between survival and disaster is really based upon being prepared ahead of the disaster. If you want, you can hope upon the mercy of the government to step in and help during a disaster but then you are dependent upon someone, another person who may also be affected by the storm, to help you in your life of crisis.

Being prepared for the storm season is about mastering your disaster, way before disaster strikes. Even with the highest diligence of preparedness disaster can be beyond devastation. The world has seen so many disasters over the past few years with tallies in the thousands that have died.

You are responsible for yourself and your family. To you, your family is not a number that needs to wait in line, but a priority to you. Think about the coming season before you; are you prepared?

Don't wait until disaster strikes. You need to make the preparations now for the storm ahead. Waiting, and not preparing for the upcoming season, putting off what you should do today to prepare you and your home or apartment, is making a decision that someone else should prepare for you. Ask yourself who that will be, then look around you now as our local, state and federal municipalities struggle to stabilize our economic disaster.

Kaycee Marlett

Swen Enterprises LLC

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